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Dr Rae Thomas  

PhD, Grad Dip Couns Psych, BEd,

Dr Rae Thomas
Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine
Bond University QLD 4229

Senior Research Fellow

Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine

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7 559 55521
+61 7 559 55521
Building Level: 2
Building: 5. Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine
Location: Bond University
Professional Biography
Dr. Rae Thomas is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice. She is a Psychologist with over 20 years experience providing psychological interventions for children and families. Her program of research includes the development, implementation and evaluation of randomised controlled trials and examining diagnostic tools and processes in clinical decision making. She has conducted systematic reviews to identify effective parenting programs and to examine prevalence of child mental health conditions, used randomised controlled experimental designs to test the efficacy of innovative interventions for children at maltreatment risk, and conducted medical file audits to examine the utility of early child health screening. Essential to her program of research is the translation of research knowledge to practitioners to facilitate best practice standards.
Doctor of Philosophy - Griffith University
Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology - RMIT
Bachelor of Education - University of Melbourne
Current research grants

Chief Investigator Australian Rotary Health, 'Tuning into Toddlers'

Recent research grants

Chief Investigator Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth: “Connecting Research, Policy and Practice in Evidence-based treatments for Child Abuse”

Chief Investigator Department of Communities (Child Safety) Service Development Funding

Research partners & collaborators

Professor Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck - Griffith University, School of Applied Psychology

Professor Mark Chaffin - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Sophie Havighurst - University of Melbourne

Lucie Rychetnik - Sax Institute

Chris Degeling - University of Sydney

Stacy Carter - University of Sydney

Rae Thomas
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Recent Publications
  • ABC TV's 'Kids on Speed?' Shows drugs are not the answer
  • A is for aphorism: Give me the child until they are seven and I will show you the man
  • Accumulating evidence for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy in the prevention of child maltreatment
  • Process evaluation of a patient-centred, patientdirected, group-based education program for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • CJCheck Stage 1: Development and testing of a checklist for reporting community juries - Delphi process and analysis of studies published in 1996-2015.
  • Maternal emotional distress, abuse risk, and children’s symptoms: Child gender as a moderator of parent sensitivity as a mediator
  • Practitioners’ views and use of evidence-based treatment: Positive attitudes but missed opportunities in children’s services
  • Anticipated coping with interpersonal stressors: Links with the emotional reactions of sadness, anger, and fear
  • Prevalence of attention-deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Deliberative democracy and cancer screening consent: A randomised control trial of the effect of a community jury on men's knowledge about and intentions to participate in PSA screening