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Ms Robyn Lincoln  

Ms Robyn Lincoln
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Society and Design
Bond University QLD 4229

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Society and Design

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7 559 52659
+61 7 559 52659
Building Level: 4
Building: 1a. Faculty of Society and Design
Location: Bond University
Professional Biography
Robyn's academic background is in teh social sciences with special interest in Aboriginal criminal justice issues. She has lectured at Bond since 1994 and at other universities in Queensland (UQ, QUT and Griffith). Her research work has been conducted at UQ, QUT, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Robyn has experience in academic publishing and worked as Senior Editor at Aboriginal Studies Press in Canberra for five years. She was Managing Editor of the Journal of Sociology and the Australian Journal of Social Issues.

While Robyn has broad-ranging interests in the criminological field, she has focused on the treatment of marginalised groups within the criminal justice system. In particular, her focus is on theoretical developments in the Aboriginal justice arena and concerns around juvenile justice such as the public identification of youth who come before the courts.
Research interests & research expertise

Research Interests
Projects have involved research on the careers of white-collar offenders, runaway and homeless youth, violence in Aboriginal communities, fraud by medical practitioners and peer influences on juvenile offending. Robyn's recent work has centred on the new field of forensic criminology where she has examined miscarriages of justice, the public identification of youthful offenders and prevention of violence in the bus transport sector

Robyn Lincoln
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Recent Publications
  • Moving violations: A study of incivility and violence against urban bus drivers in Australia
  • The persuasive powers of DNA: An experimental study in perceptions of expert evidence
  • Zero tolerance policing threatens personal freedoms
  • The second sentence: Australians imprisoned abroad
  • What the public thinks about sentencing
  • 'Shhh ... We can't tell you': An update on the naming prohibition of young offenders
  • Judging juries
  • Civil liberties and sex offender notification laws
  • Rights of the wrongfully convicted
  • Should the double jeopardy rule be in jeopardy?
  • Human rights (and wrongs) of DNA testing and evidence
  • To name and shame or not
  • Culture matters: Forensic issues for Australian indigenous peoples
  • Inequalities of Crime
  • Urban Indigenous Young People: Criminality, Accommodation or Resistance
  • Contemporary comment: An examination of Australian internet hate sites
  • An Exploration of Automobile Insurance Fraud
  • Moral panics and miscarriages of justice: An analysis of alleged wrongful convictions in child sexual abuse cases in Australia
  • Privatising Community Corrections
  • Risk and Resilience: Crime and Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities