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Dr Rebekah Doley   MAPS, MCC, MFC

BA(Hons), Grad Dip App Psy, MSc (Inv Psy), MPsych (Clin), PhD,

Dr Rebekah Doley
Associate Professor
Faculty of Society and Design
Bond University QLD 4229

Associate Professor

Faculty of Society and Design

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7 559 51344
+61 7 559 51344
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Building Level: 3
Building: 1a. Faculty of Society and Design
Location: Bond University
Professional Biography
My initial training was in Organisational Psychology and my early background is human resource management where I gained experience in recruitment, selection, training, personnel development, and project management. I have provided on-call critical incident stress debriefing following trauma for correctional staff and emergency services personnel as well as worked for the Australian Defence Force providing psychology services and advice to command concerning mental health issues relevant to serving personnel. For the first decade of my career, in addition to management consulting, I assisted injured workers to return to work under State and Federal workers compensation schemes (vocational rehabilitation). Subsequently, I moved into the area of Clinical Psychology and later into Forensic Psychology, training in criminal behaviour analysis (profiling) and specialising in the psychology of deliberate firesetting. I currently conduct a successful private practice providing a range of clinical psychology services and forensic reports.
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Flinders University
Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology - University of South Australia
Master of Science (Investigative Psychology) - University of Liverpool, UK
Master of Psychology (Clinical) - Flinders University
Doctor of Philosophy - Flinders University
Professional admission & memberships

Member APS

Member College of Forensic Psychologists

Member College of Clinical Psychologists


Research interests & research expertise

- psychology of deliberate firesetting
- mental health needs of the aged
- grandparents parenting grandchildren
- mental health patient rights
- homicide
- court reports
- online social networking
- online mental health skills training for rural and remote practitioners

Rebekah Doley
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Recent Publications
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren: Investigating factors associated with distress among custodial grandparent
  • The role of fear avoidance beliefs in return to work post-injury
  • Prevalence and correlates of firesetting behaviours among offending and non-offending youth
  • Investigating the relationship between social support and durable return to work
  • Copycat firesetting: Bridging two research areas
  • What works in reducing arson-related offending
  • Risk factors for recidivistic arson in adult offenders
  • Juvenile fire-setting: A review of treatment programs
  • Variations in the offence actions of deliberate firesetters: A cross-national analysis
  • Profiling arson
  • Antisocial personality disorder and therapeutic justice court programs
  • The Use of Fire in Australian Homicide Cases: A Link to MTTAF and the Action Systems Framework
  • Arsonists in our midst
  • The evolution of child fire involvement
  • Risk factors and risk assessment in juvenile fire-setting
  • The multi-trajectory theory of adult firesetting (M-TTAF)
  • Looking at the characteristics of adult arsonists from a narrative perspective
  • Assessment of firesetters
  • Power and excitement in arson: The case of firefighter arson
  • Bushfire and wildfire arson: Arson risk assessment in the Australian context