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Introduction to Accounting


Level:Undergraduate Subject
Faculty/School:Faculty of Business
Semesters Offered:May 2014 - Standard (Group A, Tamara Zunker)
May 2014 - Standard (Group B, Tamara Zunker)
May 2014 - Standard (Group C, Kim Snowball)
September 2014 - Standard
Credit Value:10 credit points
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Study Abroad availability:Available to Study Abroad students
Subject Outline:May 2014  [ Standard (Group A, Tamara Zunker) ]
January 2014  [ Standard ]


This subject is designed to provide a thorough grounding in accounting through emphasis upon aspects of financial reporting. It presupposes no prior knowledge of accounting and adopts the perspective of the user of financial statements to develop an under standing of the important financial reporting topics that all students of management should know. This subject will cover the basic financial statements used in financial reporting, the accounting cycles, the interrelationships between the financial state ments, some contentious reporting issues, analysis and interpretation of financial statements

Prior Knowledge

No Prior Knowledge Required